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Turning Points in Rock and Roll

Turning Points in Rock and Roll

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This smoothly written book mixes music, social change, business and technology as it proceeds chronologically, reviewing such happenings as Elvis Presley’s and Chuck Berry’s early recordings; Dick Clark’s American Bandstand; Beatlemania; the Monterey Pop, Woodstock and Altamont music festivals; the Live Aid concert; and the growth of MP3s and Napster. 8 of 10

--William Keogan, The Celebrity Café


Turning Points in Rock and Roll gives you a front-row seat to the pivotal events and breakthroughs of the past fifty-plus years in music. From the first great music festival at Monterey to the violence at Altamont that signaled the beginning of a new era, from Elvis's swiveling hips to Mick Jagger's pouting lips...it's all here -- the people and events that have kept rock and roll vibrant, vital, and constantly evolving in bold new directions.