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Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business:

Why the Music You Hear Today Sucks

Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business:

Why the Music You Hear Today Sucks

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The author reads the introduction to Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business: Why So Much Music You Hear Sucks.


"Engaging and enlightening ... a solid primer to today' s Byzantine music industry."


"An accurate and well-researched exposé of the surreptitious, undisclosed, and covert activities of the music industry. Hank Bordowitz spares no one while exposing every aspect of the business."

--Tony Bongiovi, producer of Talking Heads, Aerosmith, Ramones, and others

"Brilliantly written, insightful, a good history, and a great read."

--Jack Ponti, songwriter (Alice Cooper’s "Hey Stoopid," Bon Jovi’s "Shot Through the Heart"), producer, manager, and president of the Platform Group Records



What happened to the record business? It used to be wildly successful selling outstanding music that showcased performers’ creativity and individuality. Now it’s in rapid decline, and the best music lies buried under the swill.

Was it the MP3 invasion? Was it the introduction of super-fast internet and mobile broadband?

This unprecedented book answers these questions with a detailed examination of how the record business fouled its own livelihood--through shortsightedness, stubbornness, power plays, sloth, and outright greed. The Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business takes you on a hard-headed tour through the corridors of the major labels and rides the waves of corporate radio to explain just why so much of the music you hear sucks.

Here is a close look at just how the machinery behind the popular song broke down, including:

  • The corporatization of the record business
  • Why stockholders play an important role in what you hear
  • How radio went from an art to a science, and what was lost in the change
  • How the record companies alienated their core audience
  • Why file sharing may not be the bogeyman the record industry would have you think it is
  • Technology’s effect on what you hear and how you hear it
  • And dozens of other reasons that all add up to the record industry’s current financial and artistic woes.