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Thought for the Day – For cousin Gregg

January 10th 2011 in Other ruminations
In the portable closet

In the Portable Closet

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Yowsah! The Biography Channel is finally rerunning the Billy Joel Biography based on my book, Billy Joel, Life and Times of an Angry Young Man.  It will be on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 10PM.  I’m one of the many talking heads, as are a bunch of people I interviewed for the book.  Check it […]

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“We’re just a bunch of roadies,” production manager extraordinaire Charlie Hernandez said.  He then demonstrated how powerful a bunch of roadies could be.  After the Haitian earthquake last year, Hernandez got on the phone, got the use of a private jet from one client/acquaintance, got building materials, supplies, food, […]

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