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Alicia Keys Reaches Out To Her Fans.  Do you?

Alicia Keys Reaches Out To Her Fans. Do you?

Alicia Keys has made big news with her search for a new blogger for her website. Beyond demonstrating the might of Keys’ publicity machine, the story casts Keys as a clever artist and savvy business person. She recognizes that her music career is her business.

What about you?

If you make music for people to listen to live or on recordings, like it or not you have joined the music business. Congratulations. Now you have to start to think differently about those people listening to your music. You can call them fans, but you must call them customers.

These days, artists must take a lot of their career into the hands of their immediate circle. One of the keys to success that Keys sees is customer outreach through her blog, and the need for the best blogger to do that task. And as Bryon and Jesse Eisenberg of Future Now Marketing say in their excellent book, “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark,” “…Customers want to enter into dialogs with businesses, to establish relationships, participate in the conversation, and be more in control of the exchange.”

Keys reaches out to her customers, gets them involved in the conversation.

What have you done to reach out to your existing customers – AKA fans? What steps do you take to get new customers? What do you know about your customers?

Do you have a website? A blog? A twitter account? MySpace and Facebook page? When did you last update your content? Do you have a space for your customers/fans to interact with you? Can your fans/customers navigate your website easily to find what they want? What do you do to make people want to come back there?

Once upon a time, record companies took care of this, but that bucket has sprung a leak. Now, your team has to look after itself. Even a major label artist like Alicia Keys realizes that. While you may not have the resources at her disposal, you have some very important assets: Your intelligence, your abilities, and your creativity, the things that got you making music in the first place. You need to channel some of those resources into building and maintaining a customer base. Get started today.

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