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February 7th 2018 in Music

Kind of a mixture of a podcast and a vlog, with a title lifted from one of my books, Noise of the World: Artists in Their Own Words allows me to tap into these boxes of interview tapes that I have and share them.  You don’t even have to hear much of my voice; I say a few words at the beginning, a word or two of goodbye and this much younger guy who claims to be me perhaps interjects a question during the interview.  The rest is the artist in question, usually talking along one theme.

They are parked on my YouTube Channel.  Here is the like to the latest one, wherein Les Paul tells a tale of getting in trouble with the Musicians’ Union in Hollywood. 

Here is the first edition, updated with the improved look of the second one (for continuity’s sake), a bit of a morning spent in Hugh Masekela’s private home in the heart of Harlem. 

I look forward to hearing your opinion on the YouTube Channel page, on FaceBook, or even here!


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Copies of Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin in Japanese. My first foreign language books!

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The nekkid podcast, just the audio, will be going here for the time being. 

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