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New Vlogcast

February 7th 2018 in Music

Kind of a mixture of a podcast and a vlog, with a title lifted from one of my books, Noise of the World: Artists in Their Own Words allows me to tap into these boxes of interview tapes that I have and share them.  You don’t even have to hear much of my voice; I say a […]

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Now In Japanese!

January 9th 2017

Copies of Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin in Japanese. My first foreign language books!

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Thought for the day

June 22nd 2013
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My Long Time Love Affair

June 13th 2013

This year’s (and the previous few since it came off of hiatus) was a much smaller affair, in line with the new realities of the 21st Century music business (so far), but also in tune with the future and possibilities of the music business as that century moves on. The theme came from a speech that the NMS co-founder and executive director (and owner of Tommy Boy Records) Tom Silverman

Tom Silverman shows us how many more donations we need to reach the $1,000,000,000 Business
gave at MIDEM, another music colloquium earlier this year in the South of France: Building a $100,000,000,000 music business. This is not as unlikely as it sounds at first blush

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Google and the Record Business

May 20th 2011

In a long running thread about “monetizing the new music industry” on LinkedIn the other day, David Robbins Jr. from Extra Musical commented: I remember when there were live concerts on the radio and I could copy my friends tape until I got my own copy, concert ticket and tshirt. Now it seems the band […]

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This is an experiment. I’m about to give away my book (shhhh! my publisher doesn’t know) in the hope of increasing sales.

April 14th 2011

This is an experiment.  I’m about to give away my book (shhhh! my publisher doesn’t know) in the hope of increasing sales.  This is a limited time offer, ending on Labor Day. At that point, I remove the link here.  I just got a sales statement for the past six months, so we’ll see how […]

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April 2nd 2011

If you were looking forward to reading The Book of Joel consider giving my book a glance.

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Tour Link

February 3rd 2011

“We’re just a bunch of roadies,” production manager extraordinaire Charlie Hernandez said.  He then demonstrated how powerful a bunch of roadies could be.  After the Haitian earthquake last year, Hernandez got on the phone, got the use of a private jet from one client/acquaintance, got building materials, supplies, food, volunteers, and was on the ground […]

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